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Lacking endurance ?
Need a higher range ?
Can't triple or double tongue ?
Trying to get your chops back ?
    Learn Trumpet
  Just imagine taking lessons from:
                  Doc Severinsen - Former leader of the NBC Tonight Show Band.
                Claude Gordon - World-renowned trumpet teacher.
                Bobby Shew - Jazz recording artist, CBS studio orchestra.
                Armando Ghitalla - Former principle trumpet with the Boston Pops.
                Raymond Mase - Julliard School of Music and the New York Ballet.
Trumpet Lessons On Line

...with David's new teaching book
"Around the Horn - Trumpet Method Essentials"


Trumpet Lesson Book

     Topics include:

 Warm Up Routine
 Embouchure Formation
 BuzzzMaster Exercises
 Wind Power
 Practice Studies
 Tone Production
 Fingering and Tonguing
 Interval & Chord Studies

Trumpet Lesson Book
  David has combined his teaching books into one dynamic lesson book, and has added daily trumpet exercises and drills.

The exercises provided in this trumpet teaching book are for trumpet players of
all levels and provides daily maintenance routines essential for trumpet players.

Every trumpet player can expand their ability when they apply these exercises and the guidance that David shares through his lesson book.

(download only)
  Trumpet Lessons
Part 1

  Trumpet Lessons
Part 2

  Trumpet Lessons
Part 3

         Trumpet Lessons On Line Warm Up "The Warm Up"
       Trumpet Lessons On Line Wind Power "Wind Power"
         Trumpet Lessons On Line Tongue "The Tongue"
       Trumpet Lessons On Line Muscles "Muscles of the Face"
         Trumpet Lessons On Line Lips "The Lips"
       Trumpet Lessons On Line Fingers "The Fingers"
       Trumpet Lessons On Line Flexibility "Flexibilities"
  Warm Up & Wind Power - Proper warm up is essential when it comes to endurance. Wind Power is the key ingredient to range. They both play a major role in being a great trumpet player. These two trumpet lessons are a 'must learn' for part time and come back trumpet players,as well as daily maintenance for active trumpet players.
  The Tongue & Muscles of the Face - These two trumpet lessons are the foundation for keeping your air stream strong and consistent, and for taking the pressure off your lips which will strengthen your embouchure. Most chop problems are not lip problems, they are tongue and face problems.
  Lips, Fingers & Flexibilities - Playing trumpet is an athletic activity. Just as athletes need to train their arms, legs, speed, and movements, trumpet players also need to train all areas relevant to their playing. Proper development in these areas are key in being a well rounded, complete trumpet player.




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